Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wool - A Sheeps Worth

This wasn't what I had planned on posting today.
However I popped out for a bit of fresh air at lunchtime and had a meander around a couple of charity shops and just couldn't walk away from this lot:

What a bargain for £5.50
It was stuffed into 5 little bags sew I had no idea what I had until I got it home this evening for a gloat.
Everything including vintage Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angora in a 1/2oz ball, 4ply fingering, Rowan 4 ply cotton, sparkly green fluffy stuff and regular wool/acrylic double knit & 4 ply WOW Can't wait to get started on something.  It will be great for all those little makes like toys, stocking fillers etc.

SewGorgeous is going to be sew jealous! She may well be on the phone very soon begging for some to go in the post to Glasgow.

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  1. Eeeeeee I'm shot gunning sparkley green fluffy and anything called fuzzy wuzzy!! My crochet fingers are itching!! Although I have another little project by the bed to keep them busy atm. You always find the yummy things, it's the Mummy eye! XOX