Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fred the Head

I spent 4 years doing two City & Guilds Paint Effects courses at Askham Bryan College in York where I painted everything that wasn't nailed down.  I eventually taught Paint Effects,  Interior Design and lots of design, sewing, embroidery & paper crafts etc. in Adult Education. Fred was one of my more fun non utilitarian objects. Some of the others may appear in later posts as I unearth them.

In his previous life he was a polystyrene mannequin head. Now he's been verdigrised with acrylic and emulsion paint and looks rather handsome on the landing window sill.

The aquiline nose and stunning cheek bones are to die for! The dent on his nose occurred when he was knocked off one day and bounced down the stairs. Thankfully he isn't real bronze otherwise there may have been more serious damage!

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