Friday, 25 January 2013

Sneaky Snow

 I was going to bed. But have just peeped out of the window and saw all this!!

Now when I came home from work all the snow from earlier in the week had just about all gone

And at 6-7pm it wasn't snowing when I was making dinner

So all this has arrived in the last 2-3 hours when I wasn't looking!

The photos aren't brilliant I'm afraid as its dark outside

and I've had to take them though the window

but it looks like we've had about 4-5".

Sew I just had to record them here.

I'll try and take a few more in the morning just in case we get some more to see how much has fallen overnight.

SewGorgeous will be wanting to compare our snowfall - if she has any, that is. I'm not sure if she is in Glasgow or Cumbria this weekend.

It doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere tomorrow so it will be on with the sorting of cupboards and drawers.  

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  1. Wwwooooowww!! I'm so jealous! We have nothing, just horrible slushy rain :( wish I was there! I'm in Cumbria this weekend - catch up tomorrow I hope xox