Saturday, 19 January 2013

I've Been a Bit Busy - It's My Birthday!

Well this has been a busy week. It was my birthday on Wednesday and I haven't really been in much since. Saw NannyBake, as I think she should now be called (aka Mum) after work on Wednesday for a very nice dinner of lamb cutlets and all the trimmings followed by apple and the leftover cranberry sauce I made at Christmas, pie.  It was delicious I have to say; tart with a hint of the orange and spices that I put in it. Great way of using it up. Must remember for next year.

SewGorgeous sewed this beautiful birthday card for me. I plan to have it framed and hung in my new craft room ,wherever that will be, and had left this tantalisingly wrapped up for me when she went back to university a couple of weeks ago. You can imagine my amazement when I unwrapped it, isn't it beautiful?

Thursday I headed over to my friend Sarahs in the snow - yes we've had snow and it so pretty right now - for another delicious dinner of chicken, mushroom & leek pie with a puff pastry crust followed by lemon tart. Had a lovely catch up and good conversation etc. as we hadn't seen each other for a while.

She very generously gave me this absolutely beautiful clutch bag.

SewGorgeous can drool all she likes - ITS MINE!!! :)

Then yesterday I was over at Gill & Davids for the most amazing slow cooked sirloin of beef in red wine, garlic etc. that just fell apart. I really will have to get this recipe from them. For dessert we had chocolate fondants which brought the conversation to a halt due to their yumminess. Lots more snow and a very slow drive home.

I am blessed with extremely thoughtful friends and their gift was truly stunning. The sentiment on the drinks coaster "People walk through our lives but only true friends leave footsteps in our hearts" is reciprocated. I also I think this will also be heading for my new craft room.

Well today is Saturday and I think I may need to have fasting day or just a little toast & Marmite.  I'm feeling rather over eaten after all that fabulous entertaining I've had the last few days. My thanks to all of my hosts for the amazing cooking, gifts and entertaining conversation we shared. 

There is about 2-3 inches of snow now and more on the way apparently  It looks very pretty and all the neighbours children are out playing & squealing having fun. 


  1. You've had such a cool week! Glad you like your pressies, it means we have to bake lots of cake to put on it haha! Toms glad you liked it too :D That clutch from Sarah's amaaaazing (sew jealous) and the necklace from Gill matches the earrings so well! Wish we had snow, although we're going snowboarding on indoor snow to make up for it hehe. Natter soon, lots of love T&t Xox

  2. That's a really beautiful furniture piece. I wish I can run my fingers on the carvings. =)

    (Belated) Happy birthday!! I'm dropping by from SewGorgeous' "Blogging into 2013 swap". =)

  3. Wow that looks so cold lol - I'm in Cairns, Queensland, Australia and we are currently in the midst of our wet season which means rain and 30 degrees celsius every day - hot and humid! I'd like it cooler but not snow cold. Kathie - Swap-Bot

  4. wow! you're really talented in sewing and other fabric stuff! very jealous! i'm stopping by from the swap which i totally misunderstood first! blame me! LOL!

  5. I love that wood furniture piece. What is it used for?

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. That's such a gorgeous sewn card!

  7. The beautiful piece of wooden furniture is a plate stand. Probably from around the 1940s (?) when afternoon tea was the thing to have. Pretty floral plates piled with cucumber sandwiches and cakes etc would have been served from it. Don't you just wish we still did this?