Thursday, 31 January 2013

Glass Painting - but not as you know it 1

Traditional glass painting is usually done on glass using a relief out-liner & a pattern and infilling the 'panes' you create. There are some very nice acrylic glass paints now that you can use, without the out-liners, that work more like ordinary paint but they aren't as resilient and require a certain amount of artistic talent to paint with. These are not really my style.


This is.

It takes glass painting to a different level

A humble Pyrex Glass plate is prepared using a propriety product for surface preparation to enable you to bond emulsion paint to the glass. In this case I used: ESP (Easy Surface Prep.) by O.I.C. (Olugtrol Int. Corp.), Olsen Wang A.S., Norway.

It was then painted it with red emulsion paint which you can see from the back of the plate here

I then gold leafed it using a traditional size & metallic gold leaf.
I distressed it a bit in patches by sanding gently using very fine aluminium sanding paper and then sponged on spirit dyes in reds & greens.

Finally I varnished to preserve the finish. 
It looks fantastic on a plate stand in a window so the sun shines though it.

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  1. I think this is my favourite of your glass paintings - there are so many knocking around the house! Have you found any more in your packing? x