Sunday, 13 January 2013

Moving - Did I Really Make All This Stuff!

Sadly I lost my Dad in May 2012.  Mum & I have decided to sell up both our houses and join forces.

I have just received an offer on my house which has pushed me to record many of my projects before they have to go into store. I will be moving into Mums bungalow until hers sells so crafting may have to take a bit of a rest as I can't move ALL my stuff into her house, just a small collection to keep me going and only small makes. I guess I'll be making the Christmas stocking fillers early this year!will 

What will follow over the next few days and weeks as I get packed up will be a record of some of my makes during teaching, things I've made for fun and various things that I've made for SewGorgeous over the years.  As I dust them off, and lovingly pack them away I'll photograph them and try and link them to patterns, if /as I find them.  They will be stored until we find a wonderful new home to display them all in. 

I'm really quite excited about it all! At least it's great excuse for a de-clutter and sort out.

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