Thursday, 31 January 2013

Glass Painting - but not as you know it 1

Traditional glass painting is usually done on glass using a relief out-liner & a pattern and infilling the 'panes' you create. There are some very nice acrylic glass paints now that you can use, without the out-liners, that work more like ordinary paint but they aren't as resilient and require a certain amount of artistic talent to paint with. These are not really my style.


This is.

It takes glass painting to a different level

A humble Pyrex Glass plate is prepared using a propriety product for surface preparation to enable you to bond emulsion paint to the glass. In this case I used: ESP (Easy Surface Prep.) by O.I.C. (Olugtrol Int. Corp.), Olsen Wang A.S., Norway.

It was then painted it with red emulsion paint which you can see from the back of the plate here

I then gold leafed it using a traditional size & metallic gold leaf.
I distressed it a bit in patches by sanding gently using very fine aluminium sanding paper and then sponged on spirit dyes in reds & greens.

Finally I varnished to preserve the finish. 
It looks fantastic on a plate stand in a window so the sun shines though it.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fabric Covered Boxes

As an idea for Christmas gifts I taught these fun fabric covered boxes.

The Rectangular one fits an 'After Eight' box of chocolates perfectly...

which of course were eaten during the lesson!

The pattern and instructions can be found here

The Pyramid Box could be for for packaging that special gift - maybe a piece of jewelry, a bottle of perfume or just a little home made item. 

Or a bunch of teeny tiny teddies like these.

The Pattern and instructions can be found here (you will need the Rectangular instructions as well)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rosette Brooches - A Couple More

I have a feeling I'm going to be find these all over the place. Just found these in the back of a dressing table drawer.

The one on the right is made from an old felted wool jumper.
The one on the left is like the ones in the previous blog.

I think some of them may become a give away shortly - so watch this space.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sneaky Snow Update

Well what Glorious morning.   

Bright sunshine and lots of snow.

It obviously continued overnight and we now have 6-8".

I guess with the sunshine it won't last long although it is about -1 outside.

There are tiny footprints all around the edge of the patio and garden where Treacle has tried to avoid it all.

She's currently in front of fire having a good wash.  I don't believe I have introduce her properly yet. Maybe in my next post depending on what I find during my day.

It is definitely a day for staying indoors 

and doing some packing. No doubt my next few posts will involve some hidden treasures I unearth.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Sneaky Snow

 I was going to bed. But have just peeped out of the window and saw all this!!

Now when I came home from work all the snow from earlier in the week had just about all gone

And at 6-7pm it wasn't snowing when I was making dinner

So all this has arrived in the last 2-3 hours when I wasn't looking!

The photos aren't brilliant I'm afraid as its dark outside

and I've had to take them though the window

but it looks like we've had about 4-5".

Sew I just had to record them here.

I'll try and take a few more in the morning just in case we get some more to see how much has fallen overnight.

SewGorgeous will be wanting to compare our snowfall - if she has any, that is. I'm not sure if she is in Glasgow or Cumbria this weekend.

It doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere tomorrow so it will be on with the sorting of cupboards and drawers.  

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Very Elaborate Belts

I made these for SewGorgeous a while ago when the drop waisted look was very in and low slung belts were the rage.

I started with the correct waist (or hip) measurements as they aren't really adjustable other than letting the ribbon bows that you tie become looser. The tie could go at the centre front or on the hip.

The first one is just a straight piece. I Started with a strip of  pretty fabric that came off the bottom of the skirt that that it was intended to go with as the skirt was too long.

Added Ribbon, Braid etc. all stitched on with zigzag machine stitch using gold metallic thread.

Then finally added these 2 beautiful motifs to the front and another one to the centre back.
all stiffened using vylene and lined with satin.

It does up with a ribbon thread through ribbon eyelets. A bit like you would have on a Victorian corset.

 - O - O - 

The second one I shaped. I made this one to go with jeans or a long denim skirt. The tie was intended to sit on the hip. I deliberately made both ends have different designs on..

No Fabric to start this one. All lace, Ribbon, Braid, Gimp, Gross Grain Ribbon and a some beaded lampshade trim! Well why not?

Again all stitched on with gold metallic thread

Does up with a double ribbon you tie with a bow- also with a bead sewn on the end of each ribbon.

I think I could reuse these now as very pretty curtain tie backs for a door curtain.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wicked Queens Apple Decoration or Pin Cushion

Goodness knows when I made this. Found it under the side board bizarrely. It is a Christmas thingy but could also be a pin cushion.  This one never got onto the tree and I guess never into the Christmas decoration box as it was a little large.  Maybe that's why it was under the sideboard! It is now packed away with the other Christmas decorations in the loft rather than languishing sadly where it was.

The pattern & instructions for this can be found here.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sweet Potato, Squash, Parmesan & Pumpkin Seed Muffins

Whilst on a visit to London last summer I had a delicious savoury muffins from a street 'foodie' market with sweet potato and feta cheese. I have search high & low for a similar recipe to no avail. Sew I have culled information from a number of sources and made up my own.

I am proud to present my:

Sweet Potato, Squash, Parmesan & Pumpkin Seed Muffins

220g Plain Flour
2 Teaspoon Baking Powder
250g Low Fat Yoghurt
4 Tablespoon Olive Oil
40g Parmesan Cheese - grated. 2 thirds for in the muffins, 1 third to sprinkle on the top.
80g Squash - chopped into small chunks & steamed for 5 minutes till just soft
80g Sweet Potato - chopped into small chunks & steamed for 5 minutes till just soft
30g Pumpkin Seeds
2 Eggs
Salt & Pepper

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients: Flour, baking powder, 2 thirds of the Parmesan, salt & pepper

Mix the wet ingredients: Yoghurt (I only had 220g of yogurt so made it up with milk and it hasn't seemed to make any difference) , Eggs, Oil.

Pour into the dry ingredients

Then add the squash, sweet potato pumpkin seeds 

And gently fold all together.

Put into your prepared muffin cases. sprinkle with the reserved Parmesan cheese. It made a perfect 12 muffins.

I received some of this new parchment paper that is coated with foil. I cut it into squares and pushed it into the muffing tin with spice jar. It keeps the shape of the tin because of the foil and it all lovely and shiny silver on the out side.

Bake for approx 15-20 minutes at 200 C, gas No. 6 Check by inserting a skewer, if it comes out cleanly they are cooked. As I will be freezing & reheating these I erred on the soft side.

They turned out beautifully. Moist, tasty and yes there is a bit missing - I just had to have a bite and they are very yummy!
I'll be freezing these to stop me eating them all too quickly and because I plan to take them to work for lunch with a bowl of soup

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Crochet Vintage Bag

A while back SewGorgeous was just getting into vintage stuff sew I found this vintage 1940s style bag pattern and made her this. 

It is basically a large crocheted circle folded in half. I used a silver lurex and green vintage 'wool' that I'd had for years.

I embellished it with other elements like the pale green leaves and the pink buds from this crochet pattern and added lots of buttons, frills,

ribbon roses, embroidered it and threaded it with ribbon.

I backed it in a green cotton.

and lined it with a heavy sumptuous satin for a luxurious contrast

and even if I say so myself I think it is rather fabulous darling!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I've Been a Bit Busy - It's My Birthday!

Well this has been a busy week. It was my birthday on Wednesday and I haven't really been in much since. Saw NannyBake, as I think she should now be called (aka Mum) after work on Wednesday for a very nice dinner of lamb cutlets and all the trimmings followed by apple and the leftover cranberry sauce I made at Christmas, pie.  It was delicious I have to say; tart with a hint of the orange and spices that I put in it. Great way of using it up. Must remember for next year.

SewGorgeous sewed this beautiful birthday card for me. I plan to have it framed and hung in my new craft room ,wherever that will be, and had left this tantalisingly wrapped up for me when she went back to university a couple of weeks ago. You can imagine my amazement when I unwrapped it, isn't it beautiful?

Thursday I headed over to my friend Sarahs in the snow - yes we've had snow and it so pretty right now - for another delicious dinner of chicken, mushroom & leek pie with a puff pastry crust followed by lemon tart. Had a lovely catch up and good conversation etc. as we hadn't seen each other for a while.

She very generously gave me this absolutely beautiful clutch bag.

SewGorgeous can drool all she likes - ITS MINE!!! :)

Then yesterday I was over at Gill & Davids for the most amazing slow cooked sirloin of beef in red wine, garlic etc. that just fell apart. I really will have to get this recipe from them. For dessert we had chocolate fondants which brought the conversation to a halt due to their yumminess. Lots more snow and a very slow drive home.

I am blessed with extremely thoughtful friends and their gift was truly stunning. The sentiment on the drinks coaster "People walk through our lives but only true friends leave footsteps in our hearts" is reciprocated. I also I think this will also be heading for my new craft room.

Well today is Saturday and I think I may need to have fasting day or just a little toast & Marmite.  I'm feeling rather over eaten after all that fabulous entertaining I've had the last few days. My thanks to all of my hosts for the amazing cooking, gifts and entertaining conversation we shared. 

There is about 2-3 inches of snow now and more on the way apparently  It looks very pretty and all the neighbours children are out playing & squealing having fun.