Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sneaky Snow Update

Well what Glorious morning.   

Bright sunshine and lots of snow.

It obviously continued overnight and we now have 6-8".

I guess with the sunshine it won't last long although it is about -1 outside.

There are tiny footprints all around the edge of the patio and garden where Treacle has tried to avoid it all.

She's currently in front of fire having a good wash.  I don't believe I have introduce her properly yet. Maybe in my next post depending on what I find during my day.

It is definitely a day for staying indoors 

and doing some packing. No doubt my next few posts will involve some hidden treasures I unearth.


  1. No fair! Hope you guys are warm enough :) ill be home soon to help sort and pack! (Yay) x

  2. NannyBake is fine as am I. Can't wait to see you and start emptying the loft LOL!!