Friday, 11 January 2013

Felted Flames

I love making felt. Clean, messy fun and never knowing exactly what you're going to get.
This was a little such playtime incorporating some threads and a little hand embellishment too.

It was really hard to photograph, but this one held up against the window was lovely.

Although it may get used in pieces or incorporated into some other piece of work eventually


  1. I love felting!! We should find something to do with it next time I'm back. I think I want a fairy! Definitely good messy fun :D xox

  2. Just found us something to do with felt!!
    This is her go to her home page and see her recent ones. I love it! Such a good idea for a memory bowl - we can do this??

    1. Of course we can do this. One for every member of the family maybe? A big one would be cool too as a door stop! Have to find time at Easter :) xox