Thursday, 24 January 2013

Very Elaborate Belts

I made these for SewGorgeous a while ago when the drop waisted look was very in and low slung belts were the rage.

I started with the correct waist (or hip) measurements as they aren't really adjustable other than letting the ribbon bows that you tie become looser. The tie could go at the centre front or on the hip.

The first one is just a straight piece. I Started with a strip of  pretty fabric that came off the bottom of the skirt that that it was intended to go with as the skirt was too long.

Added Ribbon, Braid etc. all stitched on with zigzag machine stitch using gold metallic thread.

Then finally added these 2 beautiful motifs to the front and another one to the centre back.
all stiffened using vylene and lined with satin.

It does up with a ribbon thread through ribbon eyelets. A bit like you would have on a Victorian corset.

 - O - O - 

The second one I shaped. I made this one to go with jeans or a long denim skirt. The tie was intended to sit on the hip. I deliberately made both ends have different designs on..

No Fabric to start this one. All lace, Ribbon, Braid, Gimp, Gross Grain Ribbon and a some beaded lampshade trim! Well why not?

Again all stitched on with gold metallic thread

Does up with a double ribbon you tie with a bow- also with a bead sewn on the end of each ribbon.

I think I could reuse these now as very pretty curtain tie backs for a door curtain.

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  1. I had forgotten how gorgeous these are!! Great idea to use them as tie-backs though :) need a house to put them in now haha. Just had 8 over for an impromptu roast dinner...phew! X