Monday, 4 March 2013

I've Joined Another Swap

Uh OH I've Joined another Teesha Moore swap - I haven't received the ones from the first one yet! 

Mine however have been received and I've have lovely feedback. Thank you girls sew glad you liked them and the little extras.

I need some more patches myself as I don't have enough to make my journal cover yet so there is method in my madness! 

They are also ideal to make by hand with my now very limited supplies of craft items since most of it is packed away. All I have left is my scrap box and a few buttons and beads etc. Makes one be very creative! 

I'm looking forward to seeing who I've to make them for. Only one partner this time and 3 patches again.

I will of course post on here the comings and goings of all this.

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