Saturday, 30 March 2013

House Elves!

Obviously my little resident house elves are in a dither. Their house is moving! There is getting less and less for them to care for. It is all packed away!

I have found this little message too - what a plea for a home!

Good Day Mistress Tara,
Sadly we are now homeless and were wondering if we could come and live in Glasgow with you until we have a new house to belong to.
We promise not to be a burden and will do our chores discretely.
Grovellingly yours, Your faithful house elves, Cherry & Pebble.

I'm sure SewGorgeous will crumble and allow them up to Glasgow don't you?

p.s. the pattern can be found here - although I did adapt it a little (my changes are highlighted in yellow) by making the arms & legs a little longer and adding hands in the face colour too. 

(originally from

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