Saturday, 9 March 2013

Introducing Lady Annabell

Had an amazing 2 Saturdays a while ago at Carlisle University making Annabell whilst SewGorgeous made Clara.

She is 21 1/2" tall. Has knickerbockers, net underskirt, voile underskirt, gold over skirt and an antique lace collar as an over-skirt. her bodice is layered silk with machine embroidery, cut & slashed to reveal the under-layers.

She may one day adorn the top of the Christmas tree when I have a house big enough for a tree over 6 foot tall. I'm not sure what Barbie will then do. 

 She has been around for a while now ever since the day she broke her leg and had to have major surgery involving the glue gun! She is resplendent in her voile frock, wings, tiara & wand. All made in the dead of night when SewGorgeous was very little and was thrilled when she was finished. She has become a bit of a tradition now and I don't know if I would be allowed to replace her with Annabell!
Maybe when SewGorgeous gets her own house she can go and live there!

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